Simon Moseley - Producer



Welcome! I am a Producer, Co-Producer, Line Producer, Assistant Director, Second Unit Director, living in London and working almost anywhere!


I have been in the business for nearly 30 years, for more details please see my Assistant Director CV and my Producer CV. My work have been almost equally divided between the UK and 16 countries around the world.


There are many producer roles, from discovery and development, finance and sales through to physical production. It is rare these days for one person to be expert in all of these, and while I have experience of all aspects, I principally define myself as the producer who make the film.


I began my career as a runner and worked my up through the ranks from 3rd, 2nd to 1st Assistant Director. I started to produce for Kenneth Branagh in 2004. My role was largely logistical, Ken has a very clear of what he wants to achieve and my job was to enable that vision to exist on screen within the confines of budget and practicality.


We began by discussing concepts with Kenneth and the Production Designer, considering the artistic aspirations and the logistics of how and where to shoot, , then producing a Schedule and Budget for the financier.


Once green lit and moving into production I supervised pre production, recruiting the Key Heads of department and Cast, making their deals, finding locations, co-ordinating studio builds and spending hours on the phone to lawyers! Next supervising the shoot and then post, delivery and finally festival screenings.


All our films came in on schedule and on budget.


I am also involved with script development of many projects, both for Ken and other film makers, as well as working on some ideas of my own. Please feel free to contact me if you have work you are developing. Making a good script is a fascinating form of alchemy which I find endlessly intriguing.
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