Accountant -

Oliver Fishman

Muscles -

Rob Heanley

Ruminator -

Chris Hehir

David -

Pascale Langdale

                    Jo -

Kathryn Sumner





Heads Of Department

Director Of Photography -

Nic Milner

Production Designer -

Iain White

Editor -

Laura Morrod

   Sound Recordist -

Colin Codner

Original Music -

Alfie Grainger Howell

Produced By -

Marie-Cecile De Faucigne

  • Cards is my first short film. Having spent many years working as an assistant to some great directors I was itching to have a go myself.
  • The film was shot over a weekend, that's two days to shoot a 15 page script, with a day either side to set up and wrap.
  • We used Arri super 16mm camera, kindly supplied by Panavision, with Kodak vision stock.
  • We edited on Avid symphony kindly supplied by Salon
  • Sound Post was provided by Videosonics, sadly no longer in business.
  • Picture Post was by Midnight Transfer, also sadly no longer in business...